2011: The Year Of Minimalism


The new year is all about starting fresh, so what is more fitting than the minimalism trend? Everything about the word minimalism sounds very bland, basic, like it doesn’t have enough pizazz. Surprisingly, this year, that is exactly what designers want to bring to consumers. It is all about creating an outfit with minimal accessories, natural-looking makeup, and sticking to one main color combination. This look is definitely a make-under! Major designers like Calvin Klein, Celine, and Chloé have each created collections that are considered minimalistic. I happen to adore the minimal approach. You can still look fashionable, without piling on your accessories. It is all about perfect shapes, subtle colors and understated fabric. Take notice at one of the biggest fashion rules, less is always more. When trying the minimal trend, you do not have to wear white, cream or beige. You can certainly wear grey, black, blush, navy, camel, or any color for that matter. Just keep it in the same family. The minimalism trend is flattering on any body type and skin tone. It is also perfect for anyone who is on a budget. Investing in elegant, well-made basic clothing, will last you a lifetime. Coco Chanel did say, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”


Derek Lam, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors


Derek Lam, Chloé


Calvin Klein

PhotobucketEmma Stone at the 2011 Golden Globes

Posted by: Elizabeth Redmond


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